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When it comes to working with government, Len Levine gets the job done. He knows how decisions are made and has a unique style that can rally proponents and turn skeptics into champions for the cause. Len has the skill, the energy, and the perseverance to build consensus across the political spectrum with senior officials, staffers and administrators alike to ensure success. Len can make it happen!
— Cy Smith, President & CEO, AirSage

Working with Len is a truly unique opportunity. He has a lifetime of relationships across many government and private sector organizations. And if Len vets your organization and chooses to get behind it because he believes in your people, your mission, and your impact, then doors will open because the trust and credibility Len has spent a career cultivating will now genuinely extend to your organization as well.
— Si Katara
 President, Co-Founder, Pavia Systems, Inc.

In our business, it is critical that I get to present my story to top decision-makers. My success depends upon it. And there is nobody I have met that has gotten me in front of these folks like Len has. When you get one chance to make that key impression, you can’t waste it. Len gets me there. If my life depended upon me meeting the President of the United States or for that matter, the CEO of Ford, I’d call Len Levine.
— Gary Lesley, President, Head Lites Corporation

I have been extremely pleased with the work you’ve done on our behalf to date. You delivered on all of your commitments by setting up and accompanying us to meetings with key personnel at target customers… The meetings were well organized, productive, and showed promise…In addition to these meetings, you made numerous phone calls, sent out correspondences, pictures, etc. as is evidenced by your statements of work…I come away from our dealings very pleased with the work that you’ve done for us and impressed with your expertise…
— Dan Chumbler, Director of Sales, Small Vehicles, Polaris Industries Inc.

Because of Len Levine’s work in scheduling and organizing meetings with key Department of Transportation executives in many states, orders for Quilite Noise Barriers for use on highways increased 400%.
— Rod Kotter, President, Quilite International

Len Levine has been an important part of our formula for success as a startup business. He helped us refine our sales approach and made it possible for us to grow our sales pipeline much faster than would have been possible without him. Len has an impressive extended network of contacts in local government all around the country, but he also understands that government sales is not just about a rolodex. His long track record of public service and his honest approach help us build credibility with the local government employees and officials we work with.
— Scott Burns, President, GovDelivery

Len Levine knows how to make the right connections and in one or two days, he can get done what would normally take years for me to achieve with top decision making leaders.
— Joe Geiser, Account Executive, Nortel Networks

I want to personally thank you for all of the help you gave me and MTS over the last year. We would not have been able to penetrate the government bureaucracy so fast without your help. We made a good team. You opened the right doors, helped make the right connections and let me handle the technical aspects of each meeting.
— Larry Nelson, MTS Systems Corporation

You demonstrated a clear vision on the issues and sought a resolution that was supportive of my goals to establish a commercial development along highway 169. Without the two access points of highway 169, this development would not have happened. Your insight and contacts with MN/DOT representatives was instrumental in solving these critical issues. I would highly recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation as mine.
— Harold Gramstad, Gramstad Homes, Zimmerman, Minnesota

It may sound funny but I see you as somewhat of a legend with a background and experience unmatched by few. You handled the meeting this morning great. I have a degree in Urban Planning. I worked for cities for 13 years, was a Planning Consultant for 6 years and then did residential land development for 16 years. A guy like me can learn a lot being around you!
— Michael J. Black, Senior Land Development Specialist, RLK Incorporated

It was such an honor to meet you and get a glimpse of your time as Commissioner. For twenty years, I’ve worked in transportation – ten years at the DOT, and ten years in consulting.  And in those years, if I had a nickel for every time I was in a conversation where someone referenced your name or your administration, I could be retired in Paris!  You certainly left a favorable impression on many people and your signature on the Department!!
— Kimberly Sannes P.E., St. Paul, Minnesota