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Len Levine is the author of: Running to Make a Difference, which was published in 2012. In Running to Make a Difference, he reveals what brought this grandson of Russian and Polish immigrants from modest beginnings on the Lower West Side of St. Paul to impressive achievements in public service and in business.

Norm Coleman, United States Senator, had this to say about Running to Make a Difference:

“Len Levine’s life is an American story. He weaves a tale about roots, family, neighborhoods, and values that touch us all. But most of all it’s a Minnesota story—St. Paul roots, Golden Gopher days, City Council politics, and statewide leadership. And it’s the people in those stories, who by touching Levine’s life also touch ours. Len provides a roadmap for lives worth living—where hard work, perseverance, loyalty, and honor result in getting things done and making a difference. You don’t have to be a politician to appreciate this story. If you simply care about the place in which you live, you’ll appreciate Len Levine and one man’s life dedicated to making his community a better place to live.”