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Active in Many Ways


Len Levine has participated in many organizations that deal with government issues such as The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), ITS America, U.S. Conference of Mayors, National Governors Association (NGA), American Public Transit Association (APTA) and more.


Len Levine was elected seven times to the St. Paul City Council, a city-wide, at-large position (the youngest person ever elected-three times unopposed), serving until he was appointed to the Governor’s Cabinet.

During his seven terms on the City Council, in which he was the Council’s Vice President, he was chairman of the City Development and Transportation Committee. In the at-large elections (city population at the time of 270,000) he was one of the city’s biggest vote-getters.

Len Levine’s first of seven terms on the St. Paul City Council: Charlie McCarty, Mayor, presiding. On the left are Councilmembers Victor Tedesco, Bill Carlson (partially hidden) and Councilwoman Rosalie Butler. City Attorney Dan Klas, to her left, is sitting next to Mayor McCarty. City Clerk Al Olson is to the Mayor‘s left, sitting next to St. Paul Dispatch reporter Don Boxmeyer. Councilman Dean Meredith is to the left of Boxmeyer and Len Levine is to Meredith’s left. The other person in the photo is an employee of the City’s Department of Public Works.


Len Levine was President of the St. Paul Water Utility for twelve years (an independent utility commission overseeing the operation of the St. Paul area’s water system), Commissioner of The St. Paul Department of Public Utilities (department head), City of St. Paul Commissioner of Libraries, (department head) and a member of the St. Paul Port Authority. He is the only person in Minnesota history to have served simultaneously on two metropolitan commissions, the Metropolitan Transit Commission (nine years-Chairman) and the Metropolitan Airports Commission (nine years-Vice Chairman).

As a city councilman representing the entire City of St. Paul and a member of the Metropolitan Transit Commission, Len Levine actively promoted the installation of bus shelters. He is seen here dedicating a new bus shelter on St. Paul Avenue in the western end of the city.


Len Levine has been active in a wide range of civic and community affairs, such as Chairman of the American Cancer Society–Statewide Crusade; state board member of the American Lung Association; board member of Sholom Community Alliance (nursing homes and assisted living facilities); vice president of N.O.I.S.E. (National Organization to Insure a Sound Controlled Environment); president of the University of Minnesota “M” Club (varsity letter winners club); and board member in Minnesota of the American Israel Chamber of Commerce.