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Len Levine

Len Levine has more than 40 years experience working in and with government in a variety of positions. He is neither a lobbyist nor a lawyer―he just knows the ins and outs of dealing with government.

If you want to make contact with the government at any level, call Len Levine. If you need to cut through the governmental red tape, hiring Leonard W. Levine & Associates will be the best move you can make.

Len Levine has built up quite a network of contacts

A Story Worth Reading

“You don’t have to be a politician
to appreciate this story.”

- Norm Coleman, US Senator

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Get to Know Len Levine

Leonard W. "Len" Levine had a 20-year career in government. In the Administration of Governor Rudy Perpich he held the following positions:

  • Commissioner (Secretary) of the Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Commissioner (Secretary) of the Minnesota Department of Human Services

Prior to his eight years on the Governor's Cabinet he:

  • Was elected seven times to the St. Paul City Council (Vice President)
  • Served nine years on the Metropolitan Airports Commission (Vice Chairman)
  • Served nine years on the Metropolitan Transit Commission (Chairman)
  • Was a finalist for U.S. Secretary of Transportation in the first Clinton Administration

He also:

  • Was a newspaper publisher for 14 years
  • Was a co-host of a television program on Channel 9, KMSP-TV for 7 years
  • Was a record breaking track star-University of Minnesota
  • Was a high school English teacher, football and track coach


Since leaving government Commissioner Levine has been the President of Leonard W. Levine & Associates, Inc., a national consulting firm that represents the private sector in its dealings with government and business.

“When it comes to working with government, Len Levine gets the job done. He knows how decisions are made and has a unique style that can rally proponents and turn skeptics into champions for the cause. Len has the skill, the energy, and the perseverance to build consensus across the political spectrum with senior officials, staffers and administrators alike to ensure success. Len can make it happen!”    - Cy Smith, President & CEO, AirSage